I'm shedding the M-Halo skin.

For a long time now, I've been asking myself the question, "What's next for M-Halo?" And the answer hasn't come, which was weird because it use to always be clear. In fact, I usually would be thinking about the next album as I was working on the current one. The last true album was "The Road of Janus", and while I did put out "The Sideroads of Janus", it really was the same chapter of emotions told through a different lens; in this case, alternate takes of the same tracks.

The idea of "M-Halo", a musical alter-ego I used for putting out my music, started coming together around the time that I was 16. I was younger and full of emotions that I did not know what to do with. So, I channeled them in the only was I knew how: through music. As I look back on each album, I see chapters of emotions captured during periods of my life, but I also see a progression: from a sense of emptiness to a state of feeling whole. Even the name's changed over time; first there was "Masochist Angel", followed by "Masochist Halo", and then "M-Halo". With each change, a skin was shed.

One day, it all made sense to me. The answer for "What's next?" never came because there was nothing left to tell. The "M-Halo story" had a start, middle, and an end. It was about exploring a huge range of emotions, for better or for worse, because that's what it meant to be human. So, to add anything more wouldn't feel right... because in my heart, I don't see a reason to explore that entire range again. And while I feel that there is no next step for M-Halo, I feel that I can probably continue making music... once I shed the M-Halo skin.

Thanks for experiencing and supporting M-Halo with me.